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Why are women in the streets?

We are women; we are workers in factories, farmers in fields, cookers in the kitchens, mothers to our children, wifes for men.

We are women and we are always one step back from the men weather we are educated or uneducated. Because man is always power in all circumstances today. Power means strength, a strength that change itself to a pressuare tool and imposes itself to weaker ones. We may recognize these impositions in everywhere. Beating, insultations, humiliation, ignoring situations have become common behaviours to women. State ignores the women who are exposed to these situations with its laws and “men-centered” understanding. Because state means power and law is the appliance of the state. Under these circumstances women are always opressed. It’s not fair, it’s not equal, it’s not independent.

Are we aware of the fact that our independence is getting dispossessed?

Maybe most of us think that we are happy, free and equal in our cells. But the fact is not like that. We are not free. The woman who is obligated to serve her husband and children in home, who is not equal in offices with man, who is obligated to be passive in school is not free.

It’s supposed that women must be power for escaping the circumstances that causes inequalities. But we don’t want to be power nor equal with men. We are running to streets for a free life by breaking into pieces the cells.

Freedom in streets, women are on rebel!